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The 'right' university degree, is that exist?

Hello, this is my very first post in this site and I should let you know that english is not my first language.
I'm from Indonesia and planning to study in usa this fall.

I have difficulties in finding what degree should I take. Bussines or Science? Firstly, I wanted to study biology-related major(life sciences, not medical). However, since I have been hearing all the time that this field has a high number of unemployment both in my home country and usa(correct me if I'm wrong). In addition, it's not easy to study these science-related major since you have to study math, phys, bio, and chem.

Secondly, my parents run a shop here. So If I have a major in bussines-related major, hopefully I'll be able to apply the knowledge to my bussines. If I have graduated with science degree such as biotechnology or agriculture, What I feared the most is that I wont be able to get a job in usa and will be forced to go back to my home country where these science degrees are worth almost nothing. Also I have seen in yahoo edu and some other resources ranked agriculture in the top of most useless degree. Thats pretty strange thing since we have more people to feed and scacer land.

I would be very grateful if you guys give me references. Thank you.


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      Jun 21 2013: Thank you. Biology and business are competely different fields. I have no idea what the future job will be. By the way, you're very well-educated! I wonder how long is it to complete all of yours degree.

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