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Emerging medical opportunities for retired medical doctors

Chronic disease management hardly exists in the United States except in a reactive manner. There are probably thousands of retired doctors who practiced "good old medicine" but retired due to frustration caused by the current prescriptive model. Let's discuss concepts to attracted some of these jewels back into medicine and fill a sorely unmet need - chronic disease prevention and management.

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    Jun 20 2013: Doctors never ever retire...

    We can use their experince in training young physicians and managing patients.

    All these doctors need a little recognition and some financial support.
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    Jun 21 2013: That's a good idea. And why not make it extensive to other professions of high social interest, provided that they want (and surely most will want to do so): judges, architects, experts in materials useful to the community?
    The waste of knowledge and experience that is the frustrating (to many) removal, should be content. The society is not to squander resources.
  • Jun 19 2013: Your suggestion has merit. Take a current GP and have him add 1 or 2 retired Drs. (paid by 1099) to deal with Chronic disease patients on a one or two day a week schedule. The retired Docs see their x number of patients on a regular basis, take care of their needs, if something out of the ordinary occurs the GP takes back over.

    The retired Drs. work 1 or 2 day a week schedule and can cover for each other in a pinch. If you have a bunch of medicaid patients who regularly fail to show up, do a clinic day as first come, first serve for the chronic disease management staffed by the retired Dr.

    By using retired Docs a practice can pay them as an independent contractor (1099) , use them less than 40 hours a week, and not have to pay any benefits as they would if they were using a PA (who would probably want full time, salary, with benefits).
    • Jun 19 2013: Thank you Spencer... That is a really sensible model
  • Jun 19 2013: Outstanding I remember a WWII Naval Flight surgeon that used to testify at ALJ hearings for SSD This retired doc made an excellent medical expert What you suggests makes sense because there are so many things that someone like that can do.