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How do I cultivate an artistic career when the financial incentive is secondary or in some cases detrimental to the principles of my values

I have made a conscious decision to make more of my passions and abilities. I am at the beginning stages of starting a family, and cannot realistically raise children and support my wife to be on my current wage. I do not wish to invest any more of myself in a career I resent purely to meet these financial pressures, I want to invest my time and energy in the things I am truly passionate about, however believe that the necessity to create for a financial gain is detrimental to the creativity itself. The saturation of creative markets with people trying to make a living out of their arts means that just creating is no longer a viable lifestyle choice, without the sacrifice of the woman I love and the family we hope to build. I do not want to abandon the fundamental principles I have about the value of art being greater than that of money, but not at the expense of my family. Compromise?


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  • Jun 20 2013: This is what they mean when they say "suffer for your art". Sorry, it's not really helpful but it seems to sum up your predicament.
    • Jun 20 2013: This is true, but I am determined to find the solution. It's about drawing a line between self righteous principles and fundamental values, without wholly compromising my either my art or my family. Discussions such as this are helping me find that line!
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        Jun 20 2013: What have you considered doing to address the matter? What ideas does your partner have?
        • Jun 20 2013: We are getting married in a months time so that is the focus for us right now. She is totally supportive of my artistic endeavours, whether I treat as a pastime or pursue it further, but believes my skill is wasted hung on just our walls. The reason I have begun this discussion is is in view to getting myself going post wedding.

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