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How do I cultivate an artistic career when the financial incentive is secondary or in some cases detrimental to the principles of my values

I have made a conscious decision to make more of my passions and abilities. I am at the beginning stages of starting a family, and cannot realistically raise children and support my wife to be on my current wage. I do not wish to invest any more of myself in a career I resent purely to meet these financial pressures, I want to invest my time and energy in the things I am truly passionate about, however believe that the necessity to create for a financial gain is detrimental to the creativity itself. The saturation of creative markets with people trying to make a living out of their arts means that just creating is no longer a viable lifestyle choice, without the sacrifice of the woman I love and the family we hope to build. I do not want to abandon the fundamental principles I have about the value of art being greater than that of money, but not at the expense of my family. Compromise?


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    Jun 18 2013: Think in terms of goals instead of principles
    • Jun 18 2013: I have set myself goals as an artist, and am achieving them, but need to identify the next step, realistic and achievable goals that will allow me to make the most of personal and creative development without sacrificing fundamental principles that are the crux of that development.
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        Jun 18 2013: Yes that is what you need to do.

        But you are the only one who can answer that question.

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