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If it were possible to live a perfect but virtual reality instead of actual reality, which would you choose?

Ever want to live a life that was perfect by your own definition of perfection? If it was possible, would you trade in your current life for one where you could actually achieve every dream you could imagine?

In this scenario your physical body is taken offline and a synthetic reality is realized, but your body remains inaminate.The only catch being there is no going back once you've made the decision.

Would you choose a perfect life? If you would, what are the major things you would want to experience in your taylor made alternate reality?


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    Jun 19 2013: There is no difference. What we see and feel is light, time, color and electro-magnetism. None are solids. We all live within our fantasy. When our minds get together and agree we create communality within our fantasies.
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      Jun 20 2013: I can see that line of thought up to a point. But in actual reality, some things exist outside our ability to perceive/sense them like getting shot in a store while getting a cup of coffee for example. You can live in whichever reality you choose, but when you bleed out on the floor, you're dead and your reality ends.
      I think the lure of alternate realities is about the elimination of risk in ones life. I don't know anyone who wouldn't want to live without consequence (at least to a point).

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