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Evolutionary Mistakes, Human Predicament and Reverse Approach to Global Challenges

We do not have a definite answer to the question, why our ancestors abandoned their arboreal habitat. But it can be listed as the first evolutionary mistake, which today has precipitated the global challenges that stare back at us.
Introduction of money (as defined in modern economics) qualifies as the second in the list of evolutionary mistakes (social). Ironically man as a species has forgone wealth to become rich.
Perhaps it is too late to undo the natural evolutionary mistake. However despite multiple failures in attempts to eradicate poverty, we still harbor hope.
A reverse approach may throw open better prospects. Does it make more sense, if we try to eradicate richness?


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  • Jun 24 2013: Please do not limit the meaning of rich to be fiscally/monetarily rich.

    Money is a good surrogate to indicate the amount of resource consumed by an individual. People with more money are more likely to have an unsustainable way of life (wrt resource consumption). Eradicating richness implies restricting resource consumption. Again please do not read between lines to see it as some sort of Governmental or administrative control on resource consumption.

    This is a change that should be inculcated and not be coercive. It requires social engineering, a second renaissance. Unlike our inability to rectify the previously listed first evolutionary deviation, the second, which deals with money can be redone.
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      Jun 25 2013: The level of social engineering i see being required to accomplish the goals identified would either be a completely regenerated humanoid without the psychological makeup of homo sapiens who really enjoy their way of resource consumption or will literally kill to obtain that way of life or....
      Get bigger guns then the the rest of mankind has....

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