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Did you know this about TED?

This Conversation is meant as a Conversation where we share all the things we've learned about TED that may be of interest for the TED community.

It's for all the small (and big) things about TED that we've found out that we can't really share anywhere else.

Like who made the first TED account ( http://www.ted.com/profiles/1 )
Or that there are about 200000 protected profiles on TED
Or that...?

You know, the silly things that some of us like so much.

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    Jul 1 2013: I recently went back to a conversation area that I was involved in and soon discovered that my whole comment had been deleted, along with about 5 other posts from other TED members!

    I was a bit surprised that mine had been removed as I always am mindful of what I say and post and so feel that a degree of cencorship had been applied in an uncaring manner.

    By this I mean that, I had put a lot of thought into what I had put up and was very fair in what I had to say and used no profanities or racial/religious slurrs etc, yet, my comment was wiped!

    Now I feel somewhat uneasy as I do not know whether my posts will be mysteriously deleted....no explanation...no idea as to what was said on the back of what I had said from others.

    It seems now like we can only perhaps view a sanitised version of TED comments, censored for what purpose?

    If freedom of speech is a right, then what has become of this right in the context as I have described above?

    If the ethos for TED is about spreading ideas, then how can there be this if there is such a thing as a wrong idea which culminates in cencorship/deletion.I had always thought that there was no such thing as a bad idea and if something was, then conversation and clarity would sort it out...... : D
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      Jul 1 2013: Time Traveller,
      I think I know the conversation you refer to, and my comments were removed as well. Unfortunately, that conversation evolved into personal comments that were off topic and disrespectful. Your comments in that conversation were very helpful and appropriate in my perception.

      The TED terms of use allows TED moderators to remove disrespectful, off topic comments, and often, the whole off topic thread is removed, rather than leaving some comments that are no longer relevant to the topic conversation.....make sense?

      Usually, TED sends a notice to you which says something like.....sorry your comment was removed because it was a reply to another comment that was removed.....or something like that.

      Your comments seem very thoughtful, respectful and on topic, so don't give up.....ok?
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      Jul 1 2013: What Colleen writes here is correct. If something you wrote in Conversations is itself considered inappropriate, you will always get an email from the moderators about it. Sometimes there is a part of a thread in which someone is being sufficiently disrespectful of others to be in violation of terms of use, and in that case, the perfectly valid comments in response might be eliminated along with the comments in violation, because they would just be hanging there without anyone's being able to understand them out of context.

      The standards for deleting comments from the actual talks area, are, I believe, different from the criteria here.

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