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Did you know this about TED?

This Conversation is meant as a Conversation where we share all the things we've learned about TED that may be of interest for the TED community.

It's for all the small (and big) things about TED that we've found out that we can't really share anywhere else.

Like who made the first TED account ( http://www.ted.com/profiles/1 )
Or that there are about 200000 protected profiles on TED
Or that...?

You know, the silly things that some of us like so much.

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    Jun 18 2013: Hmmm, or rather things that make you go hmmm. I am relatively new to this whole TED experience, while at 50 + TEDCRED Jimmy you are somewhat more experienced!

    I like your thinking, in so far as you create circumstances that initiate future/big picture ideals! From memory, I think there are some 200,000 TED members. I had mentioned in one of my posts somewhere here that only approximately (I think it is statistically) that only 5% of that membership will put up posts, the rest are readers.... so what is that then, 10,000.... from what I've seen it is nooooowhere near that amount! My reckoning 1000 tops, which would then be what, half a percent of 200,000!

    What can we conclude, from this, I don't exactly know but it does profer the question, of an online membership such as this, how many real members are there? That is to say, posters can be counted, however readers are unqualified, tho dare I say when they sign in there would be the potential to track membership traffic!

    Furthermore, I have noticed that you only put a short 1week time frame for your post, (as I now know) with the knowledge that if there is a lot of interest in it, you can extend it for a month. In my newbie ignorance I posted an idea with a 1 month time frame and pretty much seem to be the main contributor to it now after only some 10 posts and 28 odd days to run!

    I have also noticed that there is a particular topic that (apart from my TED Prize one) people avoid. It has to do with a religious belief that from my observation, people are SCARED to discuss for fear of being potentially subject to consequences that they would rather not potentially subject themselves to. As clearly am I, which is like Voldemort (of Harry Potter fame) Iwon't mention.

    Also, consider, what becomes of all our TED words posted here? Who owns them? Where do they go? What becomes of them and what is the TED big picture ideal and when will the TED Community be informed of it? What does TED stand for? Who made it up!:D
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      Jun 18 2013: If you click on the link above that reads TED Community, you will see there are a bit over 189,000 members with photos and something over 1.74 million without photos.
      • Jun 18 2013: Fritzie,
        I haven't learned how to take my picture yet, not how to upload.
        Of course, I just don't care to try. lol

        TED is a great way to waste a couple of hours fighting over niggly points.
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        Jun 20 2013: Thanks for the update Fritzie, re TED member numbers! Wow it is 10 X larger than what I thought ! This then makes my speculation on the number of members who end up posting on the TED medium even significantly smaller again, proportionality.

        Still curious to know some of the answers in terms of the bigger picture as I posed in my earlier post ! : D
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          Jun 20 2013: Here is what I can tell you. TED stands for Technology Entertainment Design. The mission is to spread ideas, which the non-profit does in a continuously evolving way by gathering the most interesting and creative speakers across fields and bringing communities together to listen to and interact about them. Some of this is live via conferences, where talks can trigger collaborations among those in attendance. The TED Prize winners are some that can become a focus for collaboration, but any speaker's project might, as those in attendance interact with them during breaks.

          Another component is online, where anyone in the world can listen to and comment on the talks for free, engaging also in discussions about other ideas, as we do here

          There is no mystery to me in people's being members yet not participating in online discourse. One needs to sign in to have an alert of talks delivered to the email box, and the number of people interested in hearing the talks would, of course, be vastly greater than those who might want to converse here. There is little overlap, for example, between the TED speakers people want to hear and people posting online.

          There are groups of people who listen to TED Talks together or listen and then get together. So the ideas in the talks travel through word of mouth and discussions take place in lots of private venues among people who want to discuss the ideas together. The TEDx events are kind of like this, except that those are independently curated by the hosts of those.

          I expect TED would love to see ideas presented here and people connected by and inspired by them to take actions that solve problems and improve the quality of life on the planet.

          I do not notice general avoidance of religious topics here. People who do not participate in those likely have a range of reasons other than the one you mention. Some people are not interested in religion. Some are private about faith. Some notice and expect to read mainly hardened views.
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      Jun 18 2013: Well, as Firitzie says there are 1.74 million accounts that show up when you do a worldwide search more members with or without photos http://www.ted.com/profiles/browse?name=&company=&country=&sort=date&hasphoto=0

      And I managed to find out that there's been at least 1.92 million accounts created. You do this by adding the numbers 1920000 after http://www.ted.com/profiles/

      If you check the ratio of the first twenty profiles you will see that many are private profiles and some seem to have been deleted (Chris Anderson has profile number nine http://www.ted.com/profiles/9 ) .

      Maybe the Wiki can lead you somewhere on the history of TED http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TED_(conference)
      • Jun 18 2013: JImmy,
        I am positive your research will find eager readership.
        Do you have anything to do in life?

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