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Did you know this about TED?

This Conversation is meant as a Conversation where we share all the things we've learned about TED that may be of interest for the TED community.

It's for all the small (and big) things about TED that we've found out that we can't really share anywhere else.

Like who made the first TED account ( http://www.ted.com/profiles/1 )
Or that there are about 200000 protected profiles on TED
Or that...?

You know, the silly things that some of us like so much.

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    Jun 18 2013: What's wrong with having a protected file. I'm of the old guard, I value or like a small group around me rather than an open book, which is perfectly fine for everyone who likes it or prefers it. I don't have much to contribute other than the dribble that formulates behind my eyes. Why is there such an interest in protected profiles ( not that it is a global issue) but it seems to crop up a lot.
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      Jun 18 2013: I didn't say that it was wrong, it was simply an example of info about TED that i thought few knew... Nothing more.
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        Jun 18 2013: Of course, i just used it as a launching rant Jim. There is a group of humans out there that believe a blanket one mind one thought society is our future where all is divulged and nothing is sacred yet we have had this communication medium for only 20 years and already the group mindset is skewed. Without knowing it people have become vampires of others details. quite a neurotic post, conspiracist mania? He heh! Good to see you on Jim.
    • Jun 18 2013: Ken and Jimmy,
      You guys can make a lot of something out of nothing.
      And, I'm just as bad. I am here writing this.
      Arrruggh !!!!!

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