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Which is worse in media, nudity or gore?

By the time the average U.S. child starts elementary school he or she will have seen 8,000 murders and 100,000 acts of violence on TV. -New Scientist, 2007

And since 2011 the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has allowed full frontal nudity on TV(!)

What's your take on the FCC and the role it has to play when it comes to nudity and gore?

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    Jun 29 2013: The media- Movies, TV cable or broadcast, at least here in the states is loaded with violence. Five-year-olds see more people killed in a week on cable TV, than combat veterans did in a week, from WWII, either side. Even the sex is loaded with abuse and violence. I like the European models of entertainment were violence is at a minimum and sex is humorous and entertaining. It’s no wonder that our marriages in the USA are falling apart faster that they are getting married. Kids today are fearful of “Marriage” for they have seen or survived the trauma of a divorce. I blame it on the crap [Excuse the expression] that is pumped out weekly from Los Angeles, the writers have found that all you need is computerized special effects and a sexy girl in harms way and you have a riveted audience. You don’t need a plot or story – just blow up a car or a plane with a sexy woman inside and it sells. If I were a Governor or Mayor, I’d push for a ‘Violence Tax’, where a film or TV shows would be taxed on the number of violent event within a presentation. Those funds could be funneled into mental health facilities or the jails if necessary. As far as the FCC goes it’s an agency that is in bed with the big media corporations. The only thing you can expect from this government is legislation to make more money for the Corporations – not to insure public assess or censorship of transmitted programs. But then I don’t have problems with nudity – only with violence.

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