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School dress codes

After the arrest of Jared Marcum in W. Virginia for wearing a T-shirt that stated "NRA protect your right", I begin looking at dress codes. For that school it was, "dress code prohibits clothing that has violence, profanity, alcohol, drugs or tobacco, along with any sexually suggestive or discriminatory messages." He wore the t-shirt most of the day until a teacher was offended and he was told by that teacher to take it off. He refused and was arrested for disrupting the educational process and suspended.

The question is: Did the 14 year old disrupt the educational process? Could this have been handled differently? Did the teacher enforce the dress code or express a personal opinion on the issue of gun control?


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  • Jun 18 2013: If your quotes are correct, the student did not violate the dress code.

    It might have been more prudent to take the shirt off under protest and later take up the matter with the principal.

    It was the teacher who disrupted the educational process, not the student.

    I do not think students have complete freedom of speech in school, but policies must be applied to all equally.
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      Jun 19 2013: Barry, As usual the press (and a lawyer) had it before cooler heads could prevail. LaMar above states it could be considered a terroristic threat .... I think it probally disagreed with a teachers political stand on gun control as he had attended all day with no issues.

      LaMar did correctly state that resolution came the next day. It would be interesting to know, since the kid and the shirt came back the next day, if the suspension went and stayed on his records and if the teacher was spoken to. I am guessing that the teacher called the police and had him arrested, which will stay on his record, perhaps wityhout consulting with higher authority.

      Wonder what would have happened if this had not went national on the news? But those were not the questions I asked in my explaination.

      Thanks for the reply. Bob.

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