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Does employment = Good for society?

I hear this argument over and over again "It produces jobs, so it's good for people".

But surely there must be jobs that aren't good for society and therefore not really good for people in the long run.

Working in a factory that produces bombs is one example I often bring up. You get a salary, pay taxes and are able to provide for your family. BUT you make bombs, tools for killing.
I believe that the same argument can be made for: Narcotics trade, Human trafficking, Elite sports, Patent trolls and so on.

What's your take on this? Are all jobs good because they are jobs? Shouldn't we always look at what the result of those jobs are before making the argument that jobs are good?
Do you have any examples of jobs that are normally perceived as good that you really think are bad for society?

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    Jun 18 2013: The war on drugs is arguably a cause of many issues not only in US, but Mexico, and South America. If the war was ended (i.e. drugs made legal, following the path of alcohol), all the related jobs would be eliminated. I fear one of the reasons the war on drugs will never be ended is BECAUSE of all the jobs which would be affected. This is indirectly answering your question.
    • Jun 20 2013: Drew,
      when Obama visited Southern American leaders not long ago, they mentioned
      that the War on Drugs had been lost.

      But after our county Sheriff's busted 20 Mexican guys in a Panga Boat full of marijuana
      on the sea shore 200 miles south of San Francisco, I disagree with their assessment.
      I heard only 19 were taken to the jail. Must have been a miscount, ya think? I never heard
      whether or not any monies were found, nor what happened to the inventory. Our media
      lacks a bit in the inquisitive area.

      Just prior to this happening, my nearby town hired a whole lot of New Cops, and a New Chief.
      Seems Panga Boats were being found up and down our coast. Few Busts, and a lot of empty
      Panga Boats.

      We do need the job market stimulated. But the Washington DC money machine thinks it can
      churn out jobs by prepayment. Not so. There is only one way. Businesses need customers.
      That takes innovation, research and development, and sharing of ideas. New heavy handed
      patent laws for the internet bunch won't help much.

      NASA used to turn out new gizmo's from time to time, but that expensive well is dry.

      The only activity on the horizon is Arms. The costs of research and development has been
      so high that while the US can make and sell ten times the Arms of any other nation, there has
      been little increase in demand. Arms businesses need customers too. So Washington DC
      has to Arm Rebels and make War whenever it can. Catch-22 Those Wars have to be paid for.
      And the bill has come due. A really bad idea that creeps into mind, is the making of a War on
      our own shores. With that, you get a feeding frenzy of citizens making tanks. Ugh... It will
      build the economy, but the cost in lives is really really high.

      After the 2007 Bank profit-taking (bailout) and their consolidations, the Treasury looked like
      a race horse stall that needed to be mucked out. No money for WPA type Infrastructure jobs.

      I suppose we could give Bush a try again..
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      Jun 20 2013: Precisely! A wonderful example for which to make your point and I agree with you 100%.

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