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Does employment = Good for society?

I hear this argument over and over again "It produces jobs, so it's good for people".

But surely there must be jobs that aren't good for society and therefore not really good for people in the long run.

Working in a factory that produces bombs is one example I often bring up. You get a salary, pay taxes and are able to provide for your family. BUT you make bombs, tools for killing.
I believe that the same argument can be made for: Narcotics trade, Human trafficking, Elite sports, Patent trolls and so on.

What's your take on this? Are all jobs good because they are jobs? Shouldn't we always look at what the result of those jobs are before making the argument that jobs are good?
Do you have any examples of jobs that are normally perceived as good that you really think are bad for society?

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    Jun 18 2013: I would say that before any legal job is undertaken, a great deal of checking and rechecking is undertaken. For example, before a factory produces bombs, a great deal of thought is given, legislators decide how much money to devote to defense, researchers research how much defense is necessary, the people get to vote and presumably vote intelligently, and so on. So a legal job is a good job. If it turns out to be a bad job, the next year they adjust the budget, and perhaps those people are out of a job.

    Illegal jobs are illegal because they are destructive, bad for everybody. Such as narcotics, or human trafficking.

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