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What is "intelligence?"

This is related to the kill decision for robots.

There are a couple of primary words in play here:
"Awareness", "Consciousness", "Morality" and "Intelligence"..
None of these seem to have satisfactory definitions - and yet we behave as if there are.

Please discuss?

I am interested in the dynamics of agency and advantage as primary determinators.


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    Jun 27 2013: Thank you for the links, I am very appreciate you do it. I`ll listen in carefully.
    Concerns researchs about "emotional intelligence" - I have nothing of it, just read things you call "opinions" and observe how it applies in real life, is it effective or not and who gain the benefits. It was enough to make several practical notes but of course conldn`t be a science research. I has not general but practical interest to learn what is it, so if you have more it will be helpful. Thank you again for so detailed answer!

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