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What is "intelligence?"

This is related to the kill decision for robots.

There are a couple of primary words in play here:
"Awareness", "Consciousness", "Morality" and "Intelligence"..
None of these seem to have satisfactory definitions - and yet we behave as if there are.

Please discuss?

I am interested in the dynamics of agency and advantage as primary determinators.


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    Jun 27 2013: I read about "Emotional intelligence" and make several attempts to explore it by muself. I must confess it could be better driving force then ever mind intelligence, may be because it lays deeper in animal part of human behaviour and brain structures. Things people obviously should do they don`t, but using properly emotional intelligence they able to do things right and easy. I don`t know is it borders in mind intelligence, or emotional intelligence itself, but it seems the same animals have. Emotional intelligence uses in management now so we should at least confess it as "intelligence".

    Next... People friquently use the term "intelligence" to make hierarchy, here is intelligence (with them at the top), here is not intelligence so robbish. It`s just for self benefits. Sometimes people calls "unintelligent" just things they don`t understand, may be above understanding. So the term should be out hierarchy.

    Lets try to define. Intelligence should have a possibility, an informationsl structure, may be special brain network, to think one step forward. Also to make properly adaptations to changes and ability to optimize it. Intelligence should accept feedback, even to search it, to monitor changes and to check own status, is it still correct. Intelligence should includes methods to accept things unacceptable on the ego level (such as personal death). Intelligence should includes the ability to think about society and time as a systems. Personally I prefer Intelligence to sacrifice own mistakes, even beloved, comfortable preferencies, to the better behaviour, for exampl using the best scientific model instead of instinctive behaviour. It`s the problem of business. Even as the best methodology exists, proved and available, owners prefers to rule instinctively, even to kill own organization but not implement models.
    So I connect intelligence with ability to use own resourses and found (create) new to be effective and efficient in short and long run.

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