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What is "intelligence?"

This is related to the kill decision for robots.

There are a couple of primary words in play here:
"Awareness", "Consciousness", "Morality" and "Intelligence"..
None of these seem to have satisfactory definitions - and yet we behave as if there are.

Please discuss?

I am interested in the dynamics of agency and advantage as primary determinators.


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    Jun 27 2013: Amazing video, thanks!
    I asked about animals, because it could be an anthropomorph projection covers understanding. Also sometimes human looks unintelligent, even less then animals. May be universal definition of intelligence exists, so i am curious could it cover all human behaviour or not.
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      Jun 27 2013: Hi Anna,

      We are unable to escape our projections - being human. But we can, at least, expand the limits of our perception - and universality will have to be constrained to our human perceptions .. so let's push that constraint out as far as possible?

      So far, in the discussion, there seems to be a splitting of the definitions we have for this word "intelligence".
      There is the static autistic-savant, the dynamic recursive of politic, the inspirational-spiritual and the entrenched dogmatic/pragmatic of heuristics.
      Other analysts mention "emotional intelligence" but I'm not convinced it has an empirical basis - it seems more akin to politics ... but can be kept in mind as a candidate.

      So anything you would like to add is welcome - how do you define intelligence?

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