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Are we just slaves in a labelled world?

• How exhausting it could be to try to be perfect, when you're not; to be somebody that you aren't;
• Because when you make a decision at the right time and in the right place the universe makes it happen to you;
• Most of us don't know what we want to do;
• We believe in wrong things, we don't believe in us;
• Everyone must be the very best of our selves;
• No one wants to be invisible, we all have to be included;
• We are not jam jars, we are exrordinary, different, wonderful people!

I just wanted to thank Caroline for these great ideas, so simple and genuine, so sincere and touching. The talk is just amazing, gosh I'm out of words, so simple, deep, accurate and great. She gave the best definition of freedom I ever heard. Everything is here philosophy, love, wisdom and experience. Stereotypes and labels turned us into the desperate slaves, stealing our chances to be happy and positive, manipulating our consciousness and will. Freedom to be what we want to be is definitely the most precious that we have in life, thanks for reminding it. I believe that we have to work hard before we can find our true self - knowledge and experience are the only ways to find our personal freedom and happiness.

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  • Apr 12 2011: Well, I could do little but try to say SOMETHING. The attempt to be perfect, more than you are, or great for SOMEONE else is so painful and self-defeating. Still, I have gone on with it (I go on with it) because I've always been the good kid. Now, I wonder what sense I am missing like Ms Casey that keeps me from doing 'the right thing'. Sense meaning one of those I have come to expect. It's weird to want to admit weaknesses but never to be able to come right out with it.

    In my twenties I recall being asked by a VERY sharp friend: "What do you want to do?". I ended up doing the best I could, never admitting any of the damage that had been left by growing up in a home where you DIDN'T admit

    But, what is important? I valued that sharp friend very much, BUT, I still went off and left - did things they couldn't understand.

    I wonder what labels are used by others to describe me. I can come up with a few, but I now truly wonder how I am seen. And here will be my final take on this: the sense I am missing is what others care - and I don't care in the least. I just need to determine what I can use as an Asian elephant to make the lack of that one sense worthwhile.

    Again, thanks to Ms Casey and her friend saying "just be you" - that's what I take away from this.

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