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Focusing our attention on a species (Ardea herodias) as we endeavor to break the human powered flight distance record with ornithopters.

Janine Benyus says it succinctly. People need to come out of their silos and work together to see this next step in the human powered flight story happen. Unless some enormously generous benefactor steps forward with wads of cash, a team of steadfastly determined individuals with a diversity of talents and utter disregard for personal monetary gain is needed. Can that happen? We will see. Flight provides the shortest distance between two points. We are LONG past the point where technology gave us the gossamer condor. How far ahead is the takeoff of a human powered ornithopter that can fly more than 74 miles?



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    Feb 17 2011: Man has found a device to fly only using Solar Energy and had successfully completed a day and night flight powere only by solar energy. They hope to go round the world soon see hear
    Soon these type of planes will take more people round the world using only Solar power and no other fuel!
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      Feb 18 2011: I have found the work being done on the solar impulse quite inspiring. Thank you for pointing me toward it again!

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