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We need a political party devoted to maximizing the value of people's TIME.

Most of politics is about money. "It's the economy, stupid." But as the world gradually (painfully) gets wealthier, we're discovering what we should have known already: that money does not buy happiness. The resource that matters far more than money is time. All of us, rich and poor, only have so many hours, so many years to live, to love, to enjoy our lives. A political party whose stated goal was to honor the peoples' time might be on to a winner. Instead of its obsession being the eternal growth of GDP (and all that ultimately means in terms of planetary destruction), it would obsess about reducing the amount of time stolen from us by government departments, bad urban planning, taxation form-filling, health system complexity,complexity generally. "This year, your government is proud to tell you that it consumed 1 billion FEWER hours of our citizens' time. Thank you and good night."

It's time for the Time Party!


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    Feb 15 2011: This is great! Maybe we can look at implementing a movement focused on our current government parties and ask them simply to do just that: hire staff and faculty (or consultants) geared towards the design aspect of processes.

    The book "Change by Design" by Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO (fascinating guy) outlines some principles about the focus on designing better "experiences" (in a very creative way). We could ask him to donate some of his books and send them to key decision makers at the government centers, with a letter stating, "The Citizens of [Fill in country here] demand that you design our government departments, urban planning, taxation systems, health system, and the beuracracy with us in mind. Simply make us love working with government".

    I saw a great TED video by Thomas Goetz from TEDMED. He outlines what Wired did for some complex medical documents: http://www.ted.com/talks/thomas_goetz_it_s_time_to_redesign_medical_data.html. I loved it, I think he is one of the reasons I am starting to look at taking up a hobby of making infographics.

    A simple grassroots approach asking for our governments to design their beuracracy...that may be a good place to start.

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