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This is really a wonderful theory... or maybe that isn't true?

This is really a great theory... without fruitless speculation which came first ... chicken ... egg ... suddenly we have a sizeable bird (inflation) and since then the theory is wonderful.

The theory has the right of course to deal with only certain fragments of processes or events... it is reasonable and justified because our mind isn't perfect, is too limited in reasoning and understanding to describe the universe as a whole.

so we are getting to know fragments, we are linking them with our guesses and the fantasy, so we have a wonderful theory. All, of course, must be consistent, logical, and have common sense... just our Mathematical Universe (in this case, however, we must delete "common sense")!

But even in the slightest degree without taking into account the effect of the divine power in the creation of this wonderful universe, suppose we probably don't have any illusions the universe appears to us in all its (true) essence...

Or maybe it is not true? ... and maybe in this case also we lack common sense! ... or maybe, however, we have the illusion that all our great scientific tools are capable of capturing the whole objective truth... and our (wonderful) mind is full of great opportunities to understand it all... or algorithms interpreting data are subtle enough to capture something we should think about it really deeply.

  • Jun 18 2013: Models have one reason either they work or not either they are helpful or not. Than epistomology is another matter.
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    Jun 18 2013: Is your question whether it is possible that the best current models are incorrect or missing something important? I think pretty much everyone would say, sure. It's just the best current model.
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      Jun 18 2013: How many of these Conversations are we going to have simultaneously Fritzie? This is another "Did the big bang really happen"-question...

      I'm flagging.
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      Jun 19 2013: "nobody is going to refute this theory! just a few small doubts" ... really wonderful theory... just a little... too wonderful!
      about... This is another "Did the big bang really happen-question" ... very true observation. holy words. KNOW. stupid pole, so the stupid questions.. i'm very sorry! truth confirmed in practice... the fate of the dinosaurs... still speculated about the reasons of the Universe and UNIVERSE has prepared for THEM such a cruel fate!
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        Jun 19 2013: Jimmy was not suggesting that there was anything wrong with your question. He believes only that there is a discussion on this question already underway and that it is customary then to hold off on asking the question again until the earlier posting is closed.

        I am not seeing the still open conversation on the Big Bang specifically, though I see many closed conversations, which is to say that they expired after a month of discussing the question. A very close question to yours that you may find interesting is the featured conversation Evolution:"Just a Theory, which is closing in two days and has over 400 posts in which the community has been discussing this.
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          Jun 20 2013: result of my very poor english. i'm really sorry!
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        Jun 20 2013: Your English is fine. It is easy to misunderstand what people say in writing.
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          Jul 10 2013: it sounds very beautiful... but know (more or less) english and think in that, is the differences that require a colossal effort... but too little mental capacity... but thank you for such a comforting statement! but if sth is (hardly) correct would be very desirable example how the problem (fragment) could be captured properly (little more naturally)! but i'm also aware isn't enough time... thank you anyway!