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What to do to become a scientist?

I want to become a scientist in chemistry. i like chemistry a lot. How should i proceed my career then. i have completed my 10+2 board exams. Now I am going to do btech mechanical or EEE under my parents interest and little mine. Can you please guide how should I proceed my career now???


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    Jun 18 2013: Hello Tarun,

    the crucial thing to become a scientist is to stay curious all the time. Chemistry especially is a field of try and error. Just try out putting things together (maybe add a little fire^^). If you want motivation and deep philosophical insight how to become a scientist I can recommend you to watch Richard Feynman:


    I don't know what kind of access you have to institutions like Colleges/Universities, but if thats a problem try using some of the great MOOC Platforms like:


    With these platforms you have access to very high level education on nearly every subject you can imagine. I can't evaluate edX but I am doing my 5th coursera course these days and it's great because it's so flexible. This option is also usable if your parents will force you to do some mecanical or EEE subject.
    But even if that happens don't bother with it too much. Because the education on engineering is based on nature science, so you will also start with having mathematics, physics and of course chemistry even if you do mechanical or EEE because you have to know the laws of nature to utilize them properly. After that you can specialise in subjects that are highly correlated to chemistry like material science (mechanical) or the whole subject of nanotechnology (EEE and mechanical). If you got a degree (and hopefully your parents are pleased) and you are still determined to become a full fledged chemist you can change from engineer who knows a lot about chemistry to chemist who knows a lot about engenieering and maybe write your PhD in chemistry.

    The only things you need to take that path are DETERMINATION and CURIOUSITY. If you got that all the time you will find a way.

    I hope that was helpful.
    • Jun 19 2013: Thanks very much..... It was very helpful. I will continue happily with mechanical or EEE and then do a specialization for my masters a course related to chemistry. Thanks a lot !!

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