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What to do to become a scientist?

I want to become a scientist in chemistry. i like chemistry a lot. How should i proceed my career then. i have completed my 10+2 board exams. Now I am going to do btech mechanical or EEE under my parents interest and little mine. Can you please guide how should I proceed my career now???


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    Jun 18 2013: Well, have you studied chemistry before? If not, you have to take some basic chemistry course.

    What sort of job do you eventually want to have in chemistry?

    Would it be okay with your parents if you changed to chemistry? Chemistry sounds like a good field of study, it should be as good as btech mechanical or EEE, shouldn't it, in terms of getting a job?
    • Jun 18 2013: I want to do research in chemistry.

      and my parents wont be okay at this moment to change to chemistry. I have to do mechanical or EEE.
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        Jun 19 2013: Why do your parents care? Doing chemistry research sounds like a good career. I would think you could make a decent salary doing chemistry research.

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