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Are the prostets really going somewhere?

There are many protests occuring in Brazil and Turkey. They use of peaceful manners, but are repressed by a fiercely violent police.

The cause goes against a blatantly corrupt government.
It took a lot of time to finally happen and is a breath of fresh air for many brazilians and turkishes. But, do you think it will concretize?

Here are some videos that clearly explain what's going on:




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    Jun 18 2013: I didn't even know of the Brazilian protests, but then again I guess that there are protests everywhere most of the time., it's just a matter of scale.

    Protests have enormous power if it fails now it will resurface again and again until those needs are met. So yes, they're going somewhere.
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    Jun 17 2013: I suggest to stick with what's in the papers.
    Of course there's gotta be governance.
    Of course there'll always be unhappy, poor, dying people.
    But, this country is a democracy and the demands of the majority should be attended.
  • Jun 19 2013: People should talk and government should listen to us. We show how we are disgusted with this situation.
    Portugal won democracy and people have to fight for their RIGHTS and now they have.

    We do not need to make an agreement with the government
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    Jun 19 2013: "but are repressed by a fiercely violent police"
  • Jun 18 2013: I think the protests help. The global march against monsanto/GMOs had great results, despite the lack of recognition by the american media and government. I personally think if we decide to live peacefully our own way, disregarding some of these made up laws that take away our freedoms, that's a great protest in itself. The more people we can get to do that the better.
    We have to remain peaceful, violence doesn't solve anything but economic issues. In my perfect world, there is no money so there is less corruption and the government is very limited in power.
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    Jun 18 2013: Theres only one effective solution to these problems in my opinion. Compromise between the government and protestors on the issues. Once it gets violent both sides lose the ability to act rationally and both have a right to defend their interests.
    Protests can't be about violence, if they are they lose credibility don't you think?
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      Jun 17 2013: Protest
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          Jun 17 2013: A perfect world is an utopic world, but isn't there a way to make it, at least, better? There will always be dust on the corners, but we can't live with the big black spots all over the place.
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          Jun 18 2013: well, a problem with little governance is you might clash more with your neighbors, as you will be doing what you want, and they will be doing what they want, and if you are different perhaps there will be friction