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The Roles of Humans and the Relationship between Humans and Earth

This is an open discussion that is basically about "the roles of humans" and "the relationship between humans and earth". All opinions are welcome. (as long as they are not insulting in any manner to anyone and as long as they are, preferably, centered around the main questions of the discussion)

The main questions (which are to be discussed separately and with more details within the discussion) are:
1. What do you think the primary roles of humans are?
2. What do you think "the nature" of the role of humans is?
3. "Humans have to seek to satisfy their basic (material and immaterial) needs for survival, but this should in no way keep humans busy from doing their role, or roles." Do you agree or disagree? Why?
4. How do you describe the nature of "sinning"?


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    Jun 23 2013: Hello Amr, and thank you for the invitation to participate in your discussion. There are probably as many answers to your questions as there are humans in our world, and I offer only my own perspective:>)

    My primary role, as a human, is to learn grow and evolve as an individual, while contributing to the whole. Within that context, there are many secondary roles, which we participate in throughout our life adventure. In my perception, we interconnect with everything, so our "nature", is to be part of everything that is natural. Unfortunately, humans have, in some respects attempted to be above and somehow elevated to the point where we have sometimes forgotten our interconnections with each other and the natural world.

    I believe that we can have our basic needs met, and I agree with you that it in no way keeps humans from doing their role(s). Sometimes, perhaps people get stuck with their secondary roles, which prevents recognition of the interconnections with the whole? Perhaps that is how and why some folks are disconnected from the whole. For example, some people may be so intent with their own need to satisfy basic needs for survival, they might forget that other people have this same need and desire. Then we see some folks taking from others in an imbalanced way.

    The origin of the word "sin" means to "miss the mark" or "miss the target". There are many interpretations of the word, and unfortunately, some religious interpretations have used the concept of "sin" as a threat for the purpose of controlling people, in my perception.

    For example, I do not believe that "missing the mark" in one of our primary or secondary roles is going to end up in an eternity of suffering in hell. To me, life is an exploration, and missing the mark for me, means I try again to "hit the target". It is a matter of learning, growing and evolving with each and every experience.
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      Jun 24 2013: Welcome and thank you for your participation (and thanks to everyone who participated.)

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