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The Roles of Humans and the Relationship between Humans and Earth

This is an open discussion that is basically about "the roles of humans" and "the relationship between humans and earth". All opinions are welcome. (as long as they are not insulting in any manner to anyone and as long as they are, preferably, centered around the main questions of the discussion)

The main questions (which are to be discussed separately and with more details within the discussion) are:
1. What do you think the primary roles of humans are?
2. What do you think "the nature" of the role of humans is?
3. "Humans have to seek to satisfy their basic (material and immaterial) needs for survival, but this should in no way keep humans busy from doing their role, or roles." Do you agree or disagree? Why?
4. How do you describe the nature of "sinning"?


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    Jun 16 2013: 4. How do you describe the nature of "sinning"?
    This is while considering that:
    - the body, on its own, does not commit sins because it has no free will (I think?)
    - the soul's nature is beyond our knowledge
    - "The body" is described as "alive" when it has (or it contains) a "soul" and it is described as "dead" when the "soul" leaves it. A "dead" body is no longer any different from any other object like mud, chairs, mountains or sand. After death, "the body" slowly decays to basic elements and returns to earth.
    - There is a constant conflict between "the self" and "the mind". "The self" seeks to boundlessly fulfill its desires, even if it harms itself, while "the mind" keeps restraints (in the form of principles and beliefs for the individual human, or in the form of laws for a community) that ensure the safety of the individual human.
    (Also, what do you think the role of the 'heart' in this process is?)

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