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When fighting for rights, which is tougher: a battle against an oppressive government, or a battle against an oppressive society?

Manal al-Sharif opens her TED talk by asking the audience a question.

“You know that people all over the world fight for their freedom, fight for their rights. Some battle oppressive governments. Others battle oppressive societies.” And then she asks, “which battle do you think is harder?”

Fellow TEDers, which do you think is a tougher battle? And why?


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  • Jul 13 2013: Both the same.

    Many tell me 'there is nothing you can do' governments will always win and abuse their power. So stick your head in the sand do nothing just suck it up.

    Personally I hate this attitude. A complaint is a way of making things better for all.

    We need a complaints process that is allowed to Enforce their own Act. Australia's Human Rights process cannot Enforce its own Disability Discrimination Act 1992 as it is mediation only. Just about no one bothers to do a HR complaint anymore because. Council's - complaints process is just as dismal, as the supposed watchdog is just an excusionist .

    People are afraid to support + join those trying for better rights as they get retribution, payback, blacklisted etc.

    Sad and counterproductive system run by a few with vested interests.

    We'd be better going back to a time when the Elders of the village/community all sat down and heard complaints and made a joint decision.

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