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When fighting for rights, which is tougher: a battle against an oppressive government, or a battle against an oppressive society?

Manal al-Sharif opens her TED talk by asking the audience a question.

“You know that people all over the world fight for their freedom, fight for their rights. Some battle oppressive governments. Others battle oppressive societies.” And then she asks, “which battle do you think is harder?”

Fellow TEDers, which do you think is a tougher battle? And why?


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  • Jun 23 2013: Well... in my view, battle against opressive society is difficult. A nation is known by its culture and society. We find millions of people in our society with millions of ways of thinking. To fight for our rights, we must not only fight against thousands, we have to deal with other millions out there. Fight against Oppresive government is tough as well, but government is bounded to society. Laws and regulations are formulated as per societie's wish, so if we change the thinking of our society, naturally it will bring down the oppressive government. In the end i would like to conclude that changing society is difficult, but once you succeed you can dominate the government with majority.

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