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Drinking Cow/Buffalo or any animal's Milk is Ethical ?

I feel, we are doing UN-justice to animals getting milk from their for day-today food needs. Right from schools and child-hood, we have been taught to drink milk of animals, specially in India we have cow & buffalo milk.
When I realized that its meant for animals(their new born babies) and not for human beings, we are really doing un-justice. Should not we find an alternative for milk ? should not we teach children that its not ethical to grab milk of new born babies for human beings.
We modern science, and techniques, adding the automation, it has really became a life like living machine for animals

should not be there a right to the animals to refuse giving their milk for human beings for their day-today consumption ?


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  • Jun 16 2013: Well, if that's your major problem with the dairy industry, I don't think you have much to worry about, at least in countries where there is a large production. In large production countries, the cows have been bred to produce a lot more milk than the calf needs. Now taking the calf away at an early age may be seen as cruel, but it is actually fed its mothers milk while it's too small to eat other foods, so taking the milk away from the calf and putting it in the mouth of humans isn't exactly how it happens, at least not in areas where large amounts of milk is produced.

    Then you have tribal societies, and other small farms and villages, they don't usually have the 'heavy milk production' cows, and do take milk from the calves, however the amount they are taking compared to industrial scale production isn't usually large enough to have a negative effect on the calves. If they do take too much, they will probably slaughter the cow as well, as it is likely that they have a food source problem, rather than it being the normal status quo between them and their animals. They depend too much on the calves to risk taking too much milk.

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