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The weight that football has in our world today

Nowadays football is responsible for moving millions of euros. This is a problem?What is your opinion?
Why Germany is investing so much in this sport?


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    Jun 17 2013: Well, Antonio, apparently you think it might be a problem, or you think somebody believes it's a problem, or you wouldn't have started this debate. In what way do you think it might be a problem? Is it just soccer, or are you talking about other sports as well?

    Personally I'm not much of a sports fan, but many people like it. I can see some good in it, because watching professional athletes encourages ordinary people to exercise and be physically active. Also, sports teach us more about the physical world and how to use our bodies to manipulate the physical world.
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      Jun 17 2013: Hi Greg,

      There are some positive effects, can you also see the negative ones? I made a comment a bit down where I list a few that I think are negative and greatly outweigh the positive ones.
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        Jun 17 2013: well, your criticisms are rather complex, Jimmy, possibly beyond me. To me, it seems people need entertainment, that it is a legitimate need, not just "bread and circuses." Even the name of TED stands for Technology Entertainment Design. Do you yourself consume entertainment in some form, and what is it?
    • Jun 17 2013: I have started this debate because i know people who love this sport defend the millions of dollares invested in this sport but i know other persons who think that the people should use the money to help hospitals,schools,,,,

      In my opinion sport is very important, but the main problem in this situation is the money, the money spend in players, in infrastructures and other things....

      But we can see another face of this question. If we think the big cities have big teams.... Can not be related ?
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        Jun 17 2013: Well, I'm not an expert, Antonio. I believe entertainment is a very basic human need, that if we didn't have entertainment, you would see stress levels increase, more crime, and other problems. So the entertainment of football is valuable.

        Do you consume some kind of entertainment? Is it movies, music, or what?
        • Jun 17 2013: Of course that entertainment is very important,but the question is the high costs! In this debate i want to know what do you think about the millions spent in this sport.
          I agree with you when you say that football is a great entertainment and this is a advance but in your opinion football is a good way to invest money or you think that we must invest less money in football and more in other sectors.
          I love football. Football is my favourite hobbie.
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        Jun 18 2013: Well, Antonio, the problem is I don't know how hard of work it is to be a professional athlete, do you? How much effort does it take, how many hours per week do you practice, how strenuous are the practices? I think I may ask about it, if I get the answer I'll get back to you. Or if you ask around, let me know. We also have to figure that athletes are much more vulnerable to injury, so that is part of why they are paid well. Well, I don't know about soccer, do soccer players get a lot of injuries? Also, pro athletes have to move when they get traded, I think some of the money is compensating them for the stress and difficulty of having to move. Also, a pro athlete is always representing his team, even when he's just walking around his neighborhood he has to make a good impression for his team, there is some stress in this, so that is part of why he is highly paid.
        • Jun 18 2013: I just talk about football and no about others sports... and i think that to be a good football player we must practise a lot but to be good in other sports we need too practise a lot.
          I do not agree with your argument about injuries... if things are as you are saying, the people who would have more money are the people who go for war.
          Football player can have many stress or many problems but we have too and we haven´t so much money....
          In my opinion Fifa must do a law against high values...
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        Jun 19 2013: well, I'm okay with athletes making a lot of money because they are making it from ticket sales, and whatever these athletes have, it is desirable enough that the teams can charge a high price for tickets. If you lower the amount of money they make, they probably won't work as hard or perform as well, and you may find, Antonio, that you don't enjoy the sport very much any more because you are watching inferior performances.
        • Jun 19 2013: You can have some reason about that. The players maybe can have high wages but are others things.... I live in Portugal and we have 2 or 3 stadiums since Euro 2004 and we are still paying and one of them are in risk of demolitacion.
          And i don't know if you know but Quatar want build one artifial island to Worl Cup in 2022....

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