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Improving Your Life: Step 1 - Relax!

For the next few weeks I will be posting some steps I think are necessary to improve your life. Take the journey with me and give me your feedback. Let's build a strategy we can all use to improve our life and the lives of everyone around us!

Step 1 - Relax!

All of us have stories to tell. Some are exciting and full of progress. However, some of us struggle to understand what's going wrong. These posts will be an attempt to facilitate a conversation about progress. We need to move forward. I believe we can help each other do just that.

Step one of this process will be one of the hardest. We all have stress, and sometimes our stress is overwhelming. We need to take a step back and relax! Before our journey begins we must have an open mind. Take a second, sit back, and relax. Feelings of anxiety and stress will only prevent you from moving towards your goals.

What are some things that help you relax? What are your coping mechanisms?


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    Jun 18 2013: Firstly Henry, I am very impressed by your managing of your idea post. You respond regularly to contributors and you are forthcoming in giving them praise for their efforts, well done on your highly commendable efforts thus far.

    I have only in the last few days finished reading a book called, "The Energy Bus". Essentially it espouses the benefits of positive as opposed to negative energy.

    To me this is the fundamental key to improving your life, simply by embracing a positive attitude!

    What is stress anyway? Physiologically it is how the human body responds to the messages it receives from it's source code, namely your brain! As such, a circumstance is just a circumstance but stress is an outcome you can receive dependent upon your reaction to the circumstance.

    If your outlook on life was such that circumstances made you look for what are the positive outcomes of this circumstance (also realise that if everything happens for a reason, the ultimate positive outcome might not be readily apparent but there nonetheless), you would have no reason to stress over it.

    Contemplate also that if you surround yourself with negativity and negative inputs, then not suprisingly, you will most likely be affected by them and attract it too. Also if you attract from the universe what you put out, then that is what you will find, as you also will if you only see the downside of things because that is what you are focusing on and as a result only seeing!

    Knowledge dispels fear ( motto from my military parachuting days), so if you are fearful/stressed by something, then understand it to overcome it. The danger/stress may still be there but you know how to handle it and as such know how to deal with it and so then overcome it.

    I remember seeing a book that was filled with happy people. Significantly however, they were all from third world nations with an abundance of reasons to be unhappy, yet they weren't ( at least not in the pics). Dare I say, it was their attitude to life:D
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      Jun 18 2013: Time Traveller,

      I appreciate the positive reinforcement. I enjoy talking to the people on here. They always have such great insights.

      I have been talking to people about negative energy for quite some time. Negative energy is definitely a force in our lives, and people need to take steps towards controlling its influence.

      I like what you said about knowledge dispelling fear. Knowledge may also help rid you of that negative energy some of us surround ourselves with.

      Great post. A positive attitude is important if we truly want to improve our lives.

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