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Curbing global warming or adapting to it?

It pains me to hear that some people have given up on their efforts to curb global warming. They are now up to save humans once again by adapting to the changes brought about by our own doing.

Should we curb to save mother earth and moderate our way of living? Or adapt and focus more on the human race than mother earth?


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    Jun 18 2013: I don't don't think that there is a way to curb climate change, not positive, just have been convinced. If there is a major rise in global temperature and it is sustained for some period, there very well could be changes to the environment. These changes will necessitate adaptation of some magnitude. People need to be relocated, Agriculture cycles could be disrupted with loss of crops. The list goes on. Once thing that doesn't concern me is mother earth. Her temperature has been up and down, struck by meteors, her land masses split apart... No, mother earth will be OK....
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      Jun 18 2013: Yes, it's very true that earth will be alright (if we don't literally blow her to pieces) seeing as at least 99.9 percent of all life that ever existed on earth is now extinct. Climates change all the time. But this one is man made, and it will greatly hurt our species, our children and grand children will suffer for this...

      I think that we can curb it and if we can't put enough effort into doing it right there's always the "last-approach"-approach
      Where we have many grand schemes for cooling our planet.
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        Jun 18 2013: Cooling is simple. Mankind has all the tools readily available. Of course, it could lead to a new ice age...now that's a thought. The last one if I understand the story reduced human population to about 30,000. Let's it took 15,000 years to go from 30,000 to 7 billion. So, we could take the hit now and let those future generations to deal with the problem then. So, who wants to freeze to death?
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        Jun 18 2013: I've been in most of those cities, convince me that if they were all submerged, the people living there could not build better communities then the one they left... overcrowded, no real planning in layout , pollution, etc, etc. No, we really wouldn't be losing much in the way of living well.

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