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Curbing global warming or adapting to it?

It pains me to hear that some people have given up on their efforts to curb global warming. They are now up to save humans once again by adapting to the changes brought about by our own doing.

Should we curb to save mother earth and moderate our way of living? Or adapt and focus more on the human race than mother earth?


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    Jun 17 2013: Humans are not suited to the projected conditions. Adaptation is not looking feasible.

    Given that no one has ever made an accurate prediction, but that probabilities are generally useful within a margin of error:

    All that remains is a vanishing hope that we can find a way forward through the error margin in the form of adaptation.

    The thing called human that can get through that window could not possibly be called human under our current definitions.

    I think that humanity is finished. We can only hope that if any life follows us on this planet - it has any regard for what we are now and what we have been.

    We may rate no more than an archaeological item on the shelves in a museum run by some other species - assuming such a species gives a damn about museums.

    Just enjoy the time you have - there is no hope - there never was.

    There were only ever you and the moments you had - don't waste them.
    • Jun 18 2013: you mean to say that you are neither for curbing nor adapting?
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        Jun 18 2013: I think Didier Sornette's talk today has the heart of this topic.
        We are engaged in the systematic destruction of the planet - and I mean systematic in the pure sense of the word. We have created an earth-destroying machine that is doing what it was designed to do.
        Now - can you ask the cogs of that machine to stop being the cogs that they are?
        They cannot do that - their very existence depends on all the cogs around them - if they try to change, the other cogs will prevent them.
        There is only one thing that can stop it - that is to throw a big spanner amongst the cogs.
        There is only one such spanner that can be 100% guaranteed - and that is the destruction of the earth - the conclusion of the systemic project.
        All the talk of prevention and adaptation is focussed on adjusting the wheels and knobs of the machine - which has no affect on the purpose of the machine.

        Here's an insight - Look at Elon Musk - the patron saint of the machine. Have a look at his youtube video at the annual general shareholder meeting of Tesla motors.
        He is a wonderfully honest man - all the machine definitions of him are satisfied - his shareholders love him so much it's like watching a religious festival.
        And what does he say?
        He says that he intends to retire on Mars - and it is looking like he will actually achieve that - all his efforts are bent to getting off planet Earth before it turns into Venus - and he says that in bald honesty .. I doubt that anyone realises that .. they think he's joking, but Elon does not joke.
        The only other spanner I can see halting this machine is massive, global violence - carnage and chaos.
        By the time we hit Sornette's Dragon King, all that remains to us is the margin of error - and that becomes smaller as the phase change approaches.
        It becomes the mandate of all humans to do as Bin Laden did - he is to me at the stature of Christ - as his action unfolds, we may see the dissolution of the machine.
        (edit: Savour your moments - they are yours).

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