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Curbing global warming or adapting to it?

It pains me to hear that some people have given up on their efforts to curb global warming. They are now up to save humans once again by adapting to the changes brought about by our own doing.

Should we curb to save mother earth and moderate our way of living? Or adapt and focus more on the human race than mother earth?


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    Jun 16 2013: I see curbing is the ideal solution and without any doubt, cause have you ever heard of some adapted to live with cancer, I guess not! Global warming is the malignant tumor of mother nature and earth, as a result we should look and search for the cure and to limit the effects.
    We should stand and think seriously cause if we destroyed our home planet mars would not be happy to welcome us.
    • Jun 17 2013: i like your metaphor :)) really. thank you for sharing. and plus, i agree with your statement. i am for curbing.

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