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How would things be different if the standard for tuning instruments was A -432, instead of A-440 ?

Back in the day, the standard for tuning musical instruments became A-440. What would be different today if the chosen standard was A-432 ?

Would it really make a difference? I suggest that yes...there would be less crime, less corruption, less ignorance, and less apathy.

Just look at how sound frequencies interact with molecules...


Closing Statement from Thomas Anderson

It does not matter how "good" a frequency sounds to you, it is how the frequency "vibrates" your molecules.

To me, broccoli takes like squishy, plastic, model glue sand; but it is really good for you.

To me 528 hz is annoying to listen to; but watch what it does to molecules!


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    Jun 16 2013: The tone would be slightly flat.
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      Jun 16 2013: Are you serious?

      You said you want to meet thinking people? Well then, start thinking and join in. :)

      440 is slightly sharp. Buy a microscope and watch water vibrate to different frequencies, then think.

      I bet stuff would be different if A were tuned to 432. Cigars might taste better, wine may taste better. People may try to get along with each other.
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        Jun 16 2013: This doesn't need a lot of thought. The standard pitch is 440. If you want to tune lower. Good.
        Do I think it would be an earth shattering event?. No. In fact, as has been noted, I think the harpsichord is tuned a touch lower when played as I remember... Cigars I don't know. Wine, I know. Vibrating would not do anything for it... maybe make it taste a touch flat..
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          Jun 17 2013: I bet you a dollar that if 1 million people hit tuning forks, tuned at A 440, the Earth would shatter.

          I'll bet you another dollar that if 1 million people hit tuning forks, tuned at 432, the Dallas Cowboys would win another superbowl, and all Cohiba cigars would be legal in the US. :)

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