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Do we need privacy?



1. The state or condition of being free from being observed or disturbed by other people.
2. The state of being free from public attention.

So, it's a form of freedom. I find it deeply controversial.

Does it mean that we should not pay attention to each other? There are stories on internet of people dying in subway from heart attack in the midst of a crowd passing by.

Is it possible? We leave traces behind us every minute - online, when we use credit cards to buy something, even by walking in the street with a cell phone in our pocket. Why are we outraged or feel threatened when we find out that someone "is watching"? Perhaps, it goes deeper in our psyche that we think or can explain.

What is the difference between privacy and secrecy? When and why do we need them?

Some people put their whole life online. Some are cautious about giving any personal information to anyone. Ironically, we can protect ourselves from oppression and crime both ways.

What's your attitude towards privacy? I would appreciate the links to videos and sources on this topic.

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      Jun 21 2013: Interlesting Carol but damn it your bang on, this may sound stupid but my privacy online digitally mirrors what you said, a formulation space. Not that that was what you meant or was trying to say. I wonder if we need space or a buffer before we install, an interesting thought to dally with.
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      Jun 21 2013: Awesome thought. So, privacy is like a make-up room and a curtain that separates our messy self from the audience ready to applaud or boo.

      "All the world's a stage,
      And all the men and women merely players:
      They have their exits and their entrances;
      And one man in his time plays many parts,
      His acts being seven ages." -- Shakespeare
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      Jun 21 2013: But then, is our online life "on stage" or is it "behind the scenes"?
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        Jun 22 2013: Maybe both depending on the platform.

        The less moderated a platform is the more "behind the scenes", preparatory, sometimes verbally agressive behaviour one can get which is one of the reasons why I try to avoid platforms or foras that do not have rules of conduct... On the other hand, it is often at such online places, when people use masks and avatars, that the truth comes out. It can feel safer to speak the truth, share a secret, when wearing a mask, an online mask that can give you an illusion of secrecy.

        I say illusion of secrecy because online it is only an illusion. We can be both on stage and behind the scenes, for some spectators there's no difference.

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