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Be the Change.....Do unto Others...... Just Words?

This article caught my eye.


What do you think of this?


Closing Statement from W T

This debate topic was essentially a discussion of an article that dealt with the distribution of Bibles and Atheist literature at 11 high schools in Orange County, Florida.

I invite anyone coming here to read through the thread and enjoy the many links provided.

I have learned quite alot from the information shared here, as I'm sure you all have also.

Most notibly, is the wrong idea many have of the term "separation of church and state" in this country.

I want to thank Pabitra and Edulover for your two last posts, I apologize that I was not able to respond to them due to the time difference between our two sides of the globe.

Pabitra, your last entry gives us much to think about. They are wonderful words to close this debate. Thank you!

Thank you to all who contributed!!!

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  • Jun 16 2013: You know, Mary, this is so interesting to me, now more than ever.
    I have been involved in the church community for the past year, as the director of a choir made of kids from both the Catholic and Protestant faith. Personally, I am not religious, gut have enormous respect for any and all beliefs, (and even a teensy bit of envy, to be perfectly honest).
    Over the past year, I have been in a lot of Catholic churches, and a lot of Protestant churches. Te congregations are all welcoming, they are all happy to see me and my singing kiddos, they are all grateful, they all seem to say the exact same things in their sermons, we all sing about the same exact people, about US.

    I read the article, and just can't get my head around why some people are so passionate about trying to prove faith wrong. I have read the bible, there are some really awesome stories in there! When I read how some folks are up in arms about spreading the word of God, it saddens me, although I do not practice any religion, I certainly do not feel I have any right to claim religion is bogus.
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      Jun 17 2013: Lizanne, your life experience is very valuable.
      Did you notice the subheading wordsin the article?

      "A fight over school Bibles gets ugly -- and kids are the big losers"

      What message do you think the kids took away from these two opposing sides?

      Have you ever visited the freedom from religion foundation site or know anything about them?
      • Jun 19 2013: I did, Mary!
        No, I have never heard of it, but am Wiki-ing it now... :)
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          Jun 20 2013: Lizanne, I have posted other links above that you might want to click on....a couple are short videos of news pieces in the Orlando area.

          I have learned quite alot in this small conversation......
      • Jun 20 2013: So have I, Mary! I had a good look at the FFRF site, had no idea it existed!
        I will take some time to look at those links you posted.

        I've been reading over all these comments, and it makes me think of one of the most common questions the kids in the church choir ask me, which is: "When can we sing something that isn't about God?"
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          Jun 20 2013: So all your songs are about God?

          Oh, I thought you sang all kinds of songs.

          What do you tell them as an answer Lizanne?
      • Jun 21 2013: At the moment, yup. My vision turns out to be very different than that of the church. This choir was not exactly what I expected when I spontaneously volunteered to lead it!

        Because this is a mixed choir, Catholic and Protestant kids together, both churches want their fair share of performances. No sooner had we begun last September, did I receive a gazillion requests for the kids to sing, which was great! but then, the requests turned into demands and expectations.
        We were lucky if we had one rehearsal to practice all the songs that were expected to be sung at any given service. The kids were becoming stressed, demotivated, and worst of all, they were disappearing. Half the choir would turn up at a service, while the other half were with their families at the other church. Which makes sense! It was, and is, a ridiculous notion to expect these kids to bridge the gap of the Protestant and Catholic faith.

        Me, all I wanted was to sing our hearts out. Unfortunately, the power of religion outweighs little old me, and the children pay the price. It's really an excellent example of how religion can hinder creative expression and freedom.

        When the kids wanted to sing something else, I would explain the importance of these songs to the upcoming service (and would often have to wing it, since I don't know the first thing about what these services are all about). We would talk about the message in the song, what we are trying to say with the lyrics. When the kids understood better what they were singing about, they found they could enjoy it.
        When the kids wanted to sing "Gangham Style", I told them they were welcome to do so, outside the church.

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