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Be the Change.....Do unto Others...... Just Words?

This article caught my eye.


What do you think of this?


Closing Statement from W T

This debate topic was essentially a discussion of an article that dealt with the distribution of Bibles and Atheist literature at 11 high schools in Orange County, Florida.

I invite anyone coming here to read through the thread and enjoy the many links provided.

I have learned quite alot from the information shared here, as I'm sure you all have also.

Most notibly, is the wrong idea many have of the term "separation of church and state" in this country.

I want to thank Pabitra and Edulover for your two last posts, I apologize that I was not able to respond to them due to the time difference between our two sides of the globe.

Pabitra, your last entry gives us much to think about. They are wonderful words to close this debate. Thank you!

Thank you to all who contributed!!!

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      Jun 17 2013: Hi Kate, thanks for chiming in.

      Yes, I noticed that you and Edward noticed the same thing as me.....that the kids were the ones caught in the middle of this whole ordeal.

      If you want to share anything further come right on back.

      I'll ask you the same thing as Lizanne, have you visited the FFRF site, or know anyone involved with the organization?
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        Jun 17 2013: Hi,Mary,

        You say 'that the kids were the ones caught in the middle of this whole ordeal'. I wonder are those Bibles being handed out to the kids where the Scripture come from? You mentioned Scripture and its beautiful words. I mean if are steadfast in your faith,why do you say the kids exposed to religion caught in the ordeal? Would not that be a joy to share the truth,and enlighten the kids in the way you are upholding in their early lives?
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          Jun 17 2013: Hi Jaden,

          The problem with introducing the Bible into the schools, is that in this country we have separation of church and state.

          School boards are supposed to uphold laws that are there to protect all the children.

          Bibles are so readily accessible and available to anyone in this country.....you can also access various translations of the Bible on line for free.
          You do not need to go to a school and pass them out.

          The fact that a decision was made to pass them out inside the schools, left the door open for anyone else with different kinds of literature to hand these out as well.

          Perhaps that was the whole point of the event.
          Media manipulates so much in this country.
          I can't help but think that this whole ordeal was some kind of publicity stunt of some kind.

          As to your second sentence above, let me share this....Scriptures are Holy Writings. The Bible is considered scripture.

          Thanks for your contribution Jaden.
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          Jun 17 2013: I like how you think Kate.

          You know, they allow clubs of all sorts inside the high schools here.
          And, so, if students from different background formed clubs, and had an interchange of info. that would make for a well-rounded sharing of ideas.

          This is how many get around the division of church and state. If it is student generated (club) then it's all right.

          I think young people today are a bit better off, because they do not have to live in a box.
          The internet makes it easy to educate themselves in all sorts of things.

          Also, schools are so much different now than they were say 40 years ago.
          Used to be that kids went to school with other kids like them.
          But, here, in big cities, like Orlando, we are a melting pot of many nationalities and religions, so I think young people are more tolerant of the diversities that exist among mankind, than were their parents. This of course is a generality......and not meant to be an all encompassing rule.

          So just how many different national groups live around you Kate?.....I always imagined it was just Aussies there where you live.
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          Jun 18 2013: I read your comment to Pabitra above, that is really interesting Kate.

          You might want to read the new links I posted above for more info on this issue.
          It is quite interesting to read opposing points of view.

          Let us know what you think.
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          Jun 18 2013: Kids can and do learn about religions in schools. It is a matter of how it is presented. For example, all my kids learned in middle school about Buddhism and Hinduism in social studies. At least two learned about the beliefs of the Medieval Church.

          In the mid-twentieth century I remember reading both St. Augustine and Thomas Aquinas in a philosophy unit.
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        Jun 18 2013: Thank you for the information,Mary. I had no clear understanding of Scriptures and The Bible.Especially English is not my first language,and I barely have a way to expose myself to Scriptures,sometimes 'scripture' and 'Scripture' also bewildered me.

        I understand your point now,kids have their own free will to choose.
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          Jun 18 2013: If you are able to, try to read the new links I provided.
          They offer additional information you might find interesting.
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          Jun 19 2013: Kate, thanks for sharing this information of the high school course.
          That sounds like a very interesting and respectful way to expose kids to diversity of religious practices. And, if they are electives, which I imagine they probably are, then only those students interested in the subject of religion take it.
          Giving students a broader view and cultivating tolerance are worthy outcomes of education, I would imagine.

          I did not know about the Greeks in Australia.
          We have Greeks here in Florida....in Tarpon Springs....they came to cultivate sea sponges way back when sponge beds were discovered off the coast.
          It is a great place to visit.
          Here, take a nice virtual walk around:


          So the majority of immigrants around you are Asians?
          Well, that is nice Kate.

          I feel the same way as you, having lots of national groups around me, allows me the priviledge to intermingle with other cultures without leaving my hometown.
          But I do prefer to travel ;)

          Thanks for sharing Kate.

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