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I propose to start an Animal Farm, on the outskirts of major cities in India. The farm should shelter all stray animals of the city.

I was driving to my office about a year and half back, from Noida to Gurgaon, when I experienced the worst facet of urban world.."Insensibility towards Stray Animals". I saw a dog's dead body lying in middle of road near R. K. Puram, New Delhi..which was smashed completely by being run over by hundreds of ruthless drivers rushing in the morning. Being an animal lover, I struck with a responsible thought to do something for this group of our urban society. Hence I planned to start an Animal Farm, as a non profit entity, and to run the farm, I thought of also starting a bakery chain whose logo is to "buy our bread and breed stray animals". This is how I have thought to earn the maintenance cost for the farm, however, up until now I have not been able to work out of paper. I would welcome your thoughts and comments on the noble idea.

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    Jun 24 2013: Its a nice Idea i really loved it but ........

    There are many men/women/children are dying on road who used to sleep on footpath and the government is helpless to them and you are asking to make shelter for the animals I am not apposing your point but its a point of view that if being a HUMAN we are helpless to HUMAN then how can we help the animal ..... specially to you city its very common that is DELHI

    hope you got my answer and sorry if i made any mistake in my sentences or any sense
  • Jun 17 2013: The shelters in America cost a fortune. To help requires the help of so many people in a big country like India.
  • Jun 16 2013: While your idea is noble, your logo is a bit confusing! "buy our bread & breed stray animals"! It sounds like you are going to increase the amount of stray animals by breeding more of them. Please clear this up for me and possibly other.
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    Jun 17 2013: Do you mean an animal farm or an animal shelter? Here in the United States we have many animal shelters, maybe one or more in every city, usually paid for by people's taxes. What is the situation in India?

    Do people keep lots of pets in India, here in the States the most common pets are dogs and cats. How are dogs and cats perceived in India? Do you see many incidents where pet-type animals have been killed, such as the incident you describe. Here in the States you rarely see it, but you do see wild animals getting killed, skunks, snakes, deer, squirrels.

    I believe laws affect pet owners here in the U.S. For example, I believe dog owners are required to pay a small fee and register their dogs with their city government. When they register, they may have to show proof of certain vaccinations, and also proof of sterilization. I don't know for sure, I will have to look into this. If their animals were unregistered, and perhaps got loose and were picked up the government animal workers, I believe the owner would have to pay a fine.

    Why exactly do you love animals? What kind of animals do you love?
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    Jun 17 2013: Are you really going to let the sheltered animals breed? It seems like you would have quite enough on your hands without the population thousand folding every three years... I don't think that it's possible to let them breed and still be able to feed them, there would simply be to may mouths to feed to quickly.
    But I do think that it's a nice and very emphatic idea, I applaud it.
    Maybe once you've figured out some more of the detail you could have a Indiegogo project on it, I'm sure that you'll make many thousands from generous donors.