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I'd like to build a charter school around video, open source books, facilitators, projects. Cheaper, more collaborative than public school.

How about a charter school that's cheaper than public school, uses video and technology to lighten administrative burdens AND present the BEST teaching to students? Open source textbooks, curriculum designed around the video, training facilitators to provoke thoughtful discussion, community projects and collaboration.
Let's talk.

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    Jun 27 2011: Yeah, so I did the same as Pepin but with a different motive...

    You're all welcome to join!

    Edit: You're all needed....
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    Jun 6 2011: I am happy to help where I can.
  • Jun 1 2011: Some time ago I came across a 3d-virtual school which looked interesting. Kids would log in and choose an avatar to represent them. It had specific class times with a real ( well.. avatar) teachers. You could incorporate a virtual library of the materials you wish to use and have a real person facilitators online at certain times. Lots of possibilities.
    Here is a similar one though I just found it online and don't know anything about it -
  • Jun 1 2011: Were kinda trying to work on something like that, but we are trying to make a free fully accredited online college.
    Were obviously at the starting point with this, but who knows where we will be in a few years. Especially with as passionate as people are about issues like education.
  • Apr 29 2011: I have been having a similar thought. I am trying to use these ideas in my classes, and hope that I can create or find something like this by the time my 3 year old enters school.
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    Apr 9 2011: Check out Quest to Learn
    It's a public school in New York based on gaming principles.
  • Apr 9 2011: You could. Why not try one online ?