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How do(did) you raise your kids?

My daughter is eleven years old now.I feel time flies so fast eventhough I still remember the first day my daughter went to kindergarten:so warm and cute...
I always keep the gratitude in my heart for the god sent me the most treasure gift to me:my daughter(although I am totally just an Atheism).
But meanwhile I being a mom,sometimes I do worry too...:worry if I miss any crisis time to support my daughter to growing up...worry what I share with her do help her or not?worry if I do try my best to take my resposibility for her or not...if I ignore sth which are very important in her growing...I know being worrying is good...But sometimes I still need to find balance for myself:)
So I would like you come to share with me your experience in raising your kids?Thanks.


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    Jun 18 2013: Hello Edulover:>)
    I feel that my kids raised me, as much as I raised them! I perceive it as a cooperative effort on all our parts, and as with most life experiences, I took on the role of mother as an exploration...what can I offer in the way of teaching them, and what can I learn from them.

    I tried to always be open and honest with them, and guide them to the best of my ability, with the information I had at the time. There were times in their teens, when I said...."I've never been a mother before, so help me with this...ok?"

    We travel through the life adventure first as mother/children, then, because I introduced them to lots of activities (theater, music, sports, etc.) we often participated in these activities as they grew older. We skied, sailed, played volleyball, tennis, my son and I appeared in several theater productions together, etc. Our roles changed a bit as we grew together, and in their college years, I considered them more like friends than mother/kids.

    We had a unique experience after I sustained a near fatal head injury, because the roles changed again.....they were the caring, protecting, care givers (parenting) and I was in a child like state. This often happens when we age, but at that time, they were in their early 20s, and I was only 43.

    We eventually adjusted the "roles" again, and now we are back to something of a "normal" relationship whereas the parent is aging, and the "children" are incredibly wonderful (in my humble perception) caring adults with their own children and grandchildren.....and so the life cycle continues with all of us continuing to learn and grow to the best of our ability:>)
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      Jun 19 2013: Thanks for sharing, Colleen.

      My thoughts on your current messages, sometimes, life is like a big tree, a big tree which falls down after a cyclone. Sometimes life can be like grass, it also hit with tropical storm, and strong wind gone and grass sill stand up and smiles at the sun !
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        Jun 21 2013: Thank you Lamb Lamb:>)

        I agree...life can sometimes be like a tree, or grass that gets blown down in a storm, and lifts up toward the sun again....well said:>)

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