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How do(did) you raise your kids?

My daughter is eleven years old now.I feel time flies so fast eventhough I still remember the first day my daughter went to kindergarten:so warm and cute...
I always keep the gratitude in my heart for the god sent me the most treasure gift to me:my daughter(although I am totally just an Atheism).
But meanwhile I being a mom,sometimes I do worry too...:worry if I miss any crisis time to support my daughter to growing up...worry what I share with her do help her or not?worry if I do try my best to take my resposibility for her or not...if I ignore sth which are very important in her growing...I know being worrying is good...But sometimes I still need to find balance for myself:)
So I would like you come to share with me your experience in raising your kids?Thanks.


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    Jun 16 2013: I know only two things really count: love and trust with the example that you give.
    • Jun 16 2013: Hi Dear Frans Kellner,Yes ,love is the most precious gift I got from my parents.And I must to say:my kid gives me a chance to really understand and experience what is the so called love,and it makes my life be whole...

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