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How are you helping your local community?

I am an ambassador of "I.D.E.A.S. For Us", a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and accredited NGO of the United Nations, advancing sustainability and solving environmental problems through youth-led action at universities, K-12 schools and communities around the World.

Recently we started a new project called "The Hive". Its a think (and do) tank aimed at addressing Global challenges through local solutions to advance sustainability. Our first Hive has started in Orlando, Florida, but this is a community initiative that we plan to spread to many other cities in the hopes of conquering the five pillars of sustainability: ecology, food, waste, water, and energy.

So my questions to the TED community is... Are you an environmentalist? Do you care about sustaining your community (as well as the world)? And if so, what steps have taken to do so? ... Or maybe you have some IDEAS for us?

And.... GO!


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    Jul 5 2013: Hi there I love your topic. I feel privileged to join in the conversation.
    I am not only an environmentalist but I am an innovator and inventor of fossil fuel devices that would change our timeline. I am just a creative and imaginative thinker. Nothing more.
    But I want to see change in the world. I don't want to just talk about it but create it.

    Our life is to special to just talk about change.
    Creating change is our purpose here on earth
    Leaving a long and lasting legacy is our Goal
    May our small contributions and small creations be the change the future needs for sustainability
    We must not and should not idolize the blood of satan (OIL)
    its only purpose is destroying mankind through greed and corruption
    Our sustainable future is not OIL but using our current system correctly and holistically
    Renewable and Fossil Fuel Free Transportation is not just a dream but a reality we must create because we have surpassed the technology to create it. 100 years ago.
    But its not profitable or in the interests of big business and that is so sad.
    Its strewn throughout our history corruption and greed.
    In order for change we must awaken the minds to create possibilities and live their dreams
    Idea's manifest when we awaken the source of creativity
    Our soul is the source of this creativity as it create the illusion of life through, thought, intention and action.
    But without awakening we walk this life through influences that create zombies.
    Being trapped in technology of social media and networking we either grow with global interaction and education
    or we stimulate only by urges, desires or greed for memories of adolescence

    Ideas are plentiful with those experiencing life differently. Many influences, mistakes and failure
    Our spirit grows to a point of endless creativity.
    That is the beauty of life we grow to the point of eternal wisdom preparing us for ascension or greatness.

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