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Do you think Canada, The United States, and Mexico, will have to form an EU like union to remain competitive in the world market?

I'm trying to gauge the level of support people would have for a potential economic union of the Americas. What would be the best and worst aspects of such a union?


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    Jun 20 2013: The ignored 3rd-world masses in China's hinterlands are growing restless. Wouldn't surprise me if increasing unrest in the interior and increasing wages in the coastal cities soon put the brakes on the world's economic wonder boy.

    As to your question, I see no reason to accept the implication that the U.S. can't remain competitive without joining some multinational union. The EU has had great difficulties defining what it actually is: trade / economic / political..., and many of its nations now wish to make changes to recoup some of their lost sovereignty. EU has also had negative effects on countries in the vicinity who are not members, who have lost markets in EU countries. In a sense the EU is a union against its neighbors, not a very neighborly policy.

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