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Do you think Canada, The United States, and Mexico, will have to form an EU like union to remain competitive in the world market?

I'm trying to gauge the level of support people would have for a potential economic union of the Americas. What would be the best and worst aspects of such a union?


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  • Jun 17 2013: The USA already IS a union of multiple states! We don't need to economically join with countries that largely don't want to be economically joined with us. We need political policies that allow businesses to do what they do even if that business chooses to do business in a non-union state. Nevertheless, we are likely in the decline of America, much like Britain declined in the 19th century.
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      Jun 18 2013: I think it's a little early to suggest America is in decline. We are certainly being out paced by the Chinese, but that doesn't mean we are in decline. India is out pacing China yet China is not in decline. Plus I forsee a revolution in workforce technology consisting of robots that can build other robots for specific tasks. This is already starting to happen and if it happens fully there will cease to be a reason for labor based economics. The 3-D printers are going to change everything as well. Large population countries would become primarily consumers of goods while not really needing to produce goods. A bit crazy perhaps, but we live in awesome times and imagination may truely be the limit. America surely is looking ahead at these things and making plans to stay on top economically if at all possible.

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