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Do you think Canada, The United States, and Mexico, will have to form an EU like union to remain competitive in the world market?

I'm trying to gauge the level of support people would have for a potential economic union of the Americas. What would be the best and worst aspects of such a union?


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    Jun 14 2013: We already have NAFTA? It is said the the those 3 as well as South America are natural trading partners

    Canada and Mexico are already our biggest trading partners


    We are already doing what needs to be done which is TRADE. Screw the any other top down bureaucratic ideas...
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      Jun 15 2013: NAFTA seems to be more of a specific union then an overall economic union like the EU, set up for the bennifit of a relative few companies and for a set of specific targeted goals. Theres still no common currency in use like in the EU, and that really is the key difference. By the way I don't advocate such a union, but see it as likely anyhow.
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        Jun 16 2013: No, It benefit all sides.

        You can easily read upon it.
        • Jun 16 2013: You think NAFTA benefits all?
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        Jun 16 2013: You don't?

        Do you have backup?
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      Jun 16 2013: Agree.

      The question would be how to make it trade in an actual free market.
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        Jun 17 2013: With regards to NAFTA it is quite free
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          Jun 17 2013: Thanks Pat.

          If that is true - is there any relevance for the national borders?
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        Jun 17 2013: What do you mean?
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          Jun 18 2013: Well, back in the days when Australia signed the free trade agreement with USA, it seemed to me that a better move would be for Australia to become one of the United States. The basic culture is very similar, and the agreement shifted our judiciary much closer to US jurisprudence. I could not then, and cannot now see any point in maintaining separate federal identity.
          The theme of this conversation is a EU style north American federation .. and I still cannot see any need for federal separation when trade and judiciary are identical.
          Can you see any function for maintaining artificial federal boundaries?
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        Jun 18 2013: Government has a nasty habit of growing and using force to support that growth the more centralized the goverment is the less accountability there is.

        If you look at this index it clearly shows that NZ and AU is better off with things the way they are:

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          Jun 18 2013: I see what you mean.

          This reminds me of something that occurred to me ages ago but I never followed it up.
          I had the notion that a government has only one real function - to occupy the dominant power niche. By default, the biggest dog on the block is the government.
          Then there is community .. we want to put together stuff so that things are a bit easier, a bit safer. Community and government are not the same thing - so we try to join them with democracy .. the chance to choose and shape our big dog.
          Big dogs don't like that kind of thing .. they are still big dogs and they deal with big-dog issues . and the community forgets that .
          From that perspective, it looks like the US big dog has a need to be bigger. What is the other big dog on the block forcing the power niche?
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        Jun 18 2013: The thing is that the big dog is at the expense of the individual. Individuals do not prosper under centralized government they prosper under small groups communities, families, churches.
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          Jun 18 2013: I agree on many levels - our tribal nature is the source of our value.

          It seems to me that while ever a big dog can exist - there will be struggles about which dog is biggest.
          I remember being witness to state negotiations between cartel interests and paramilitary crime organisations - warlords abound among us - and the state assists in their invisibility .. the struggle does not respect any law, and the big dog keeps the large dogs at bay.

          Can you see any way to prevent such power concentrations happening before they become big dogs?
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        Jun 18 2013: I think it boils down to no metric. Metrics have a way of making a person look at himself objectively and to be focused on the task at hand and not on himself.
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          Jun 18 2013: hmm sort of like - "the inch is the bit in between the marks on the ruler - not the marks themselves"?
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      Jun 17 2013: Really! And how popular is NAFTA with the Unions in the U.S.A? The NAFTA agreement moved thousands of manufacturing jobs to Mexico! And those jobs have NOT come back!
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        Jun 17 2013: That is a myth. Reason being that comparative advantage add more jobs than are lost.

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          Jun 17 2013: I didn't say the unions were right! I just said that they hated NAFTA! And if the plant where YOU or your spouse worked just packed up one day and moved to Mexico, you'd have something real to complain about! People need jobs. Mexico has benefited under NAFTA (Where legally your employer can pay someone $2 an hour to do your job, environmental protection laws are either nonexistent or not enforced, and working conditions rival that of human slavery.) Major U.S. Corporations have also benefited as wage/benefit reductions always add black ink (CASH) to the bottom line.

          From the trailers/Wikipedia, we seem to be moving to a society similar to that depicted in the upcoming movie Elysium w/Jodi Foster & Matt Damon. We already have a hand-full of super-rich elites. The middle class is shrinking. Something is definitely out of balance.

          Any comments Pat? I welcome your reply. I do. I always learn something on TED - & I always try to get the extra reading/viewing done!
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        Jun 17 2013: Watch the video I linked.

        Do you think Hollywood is a good source of unbiased information? Especially from Matt Damon?

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