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Do you think Canada, The United States, and Mexico, will have to form an EU like union to remain competitive in the world market?

I'm trying to gauge the level of support people would have for a potential economic union of the Americas. What would be the best and worst aspects of such a union?


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  • Jun 15 2013: I just browsed through the "DISCUSSION" on whether a united Europe is a good idea. Most of them gave dissension or doubtful consent on ideological ground. Look at the current situation in the EU or the EURO-zone. Either they are in name only (in EU), or they are near to the state of entirely economic collapse (EURO-zone)
    Forget the idea of a united North America. The people in the USA might want to be the Big Brother in it, but people in Canada and Mexico would never agree to that, and also I don't see how it would work.
    In world history, almost all the so-called united "states" were just done by conquerors (conquistadores), none of them were voluntary. The most recent trends were "splitting out" rather than "united", such as the original state of India, Yugoslavia, Soviet Union and Sudan. The forming of the United States were by all the immigrants from England; they were really not of the existing nations as such. As a matter of fact, they were the conquerors (of the native Indians) themselves.
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      Jun 15 2013: You make some valid points Bart. I would point out a couple points of contention though. Firstly, in my opinion it's far more likely The United States would reject such a union then the Canadians, or to a lesser extent the Mexicans. Canada would probably be most likely to suggest that union in the first place because they have more of a social democracy then the Americans. By that I mean they are far more European ideologically.
      I also think you're incorrect in suggesting that the trend is "splitting out". I disagree because most of your examples are of oppressed countries simply seeking freedom. They fracture and split in an effort to become free, so that they might prosper rather then languish. If economic success is found I'd argue the trend is to unite, as in the most obvious example of the United States. The EU is an example of a union of countries that was only created to counter balance the economic might of the US. Everyone see the Asian rise, and its going to be a short time before they are expidentially stronger then the US economically. In that eventuality North America may indeed have to form a Union just to remain competitive.
    • Jun 16 2013: I agree. The United States is not prone to sharing. The U.S. has to be in control...even if they LET you believe you are. Control is key.

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