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Ultra Theory is basically a fundamental opening of how things work;and what we can do about them. It's time to innovate differently.

Everyone has access to a pen and paper. So if you are particularly interested in something, you write it down. Recognition has been roaming around the world showing that there are not many ways for people in need to share their information. Ultra Theory is supposed to be a widespread thing, that can share other people's information (with the original author's credit of course). The sharing of information is going to be done by the organizations and programs helping the people in need; such as donating computers. All you have to do, according to the website ultraon is to pick up a pen and paper, and write.
Information theory's purpose is to organize academic subjects. Many people see it is a beautiful entity of organization. The gist of Ultra theory is the innovation of Information theory but taken to another advanced level. This level provides an exception for anyone around the globe to pursue their ideas together, and converse about these subjects of knowledge. Khan Academy, a computerized educational system created by Salman Khan is an inspiration to this idea of extra innovation and leveling up. To be more specific, it takes a subject such as applied mathematics to a more remedial stage for the appliance of reality. And this is planned to be done by people all across the globe. The only direction Ultra theory is headed toward is a direction of understanding and another of conversation. The name Ultra theory is given because of it's goal of being at a superlative position by the people who want to pursue academic knowledge; and those who have the ambition of curiosity.

Closing Statement from Raha Shanehbandi

For those who do not really understand the argument based for Ultra Theory, it is that it's not recognized as one source. And what I mean by source is of course that anyone can go on the Internet and "solicit" their ideas "buzzing" news about it. This is very amateur, and I could really need some help on making this professional . If you have any questions about my conversation, e-mail me at

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    Jun 15 2013: The word "information" has absolutely no meaning without referencing the frame it is applied to.

    I support your research.

    Good luck - I look forward to your results when you publish them.
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    Jun 15 2013: I agree with Timm that if you want any feedback, you have to explain what this is. I looked in wikipedia, but it appears you may have written that entry, which provides no more information than you have above. I looked on the web for the online site, but after running into a couple of pages that are either blocked or not functioning, I became concerned that further search might introduce a virus or something.
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    Jun 14 2013: I can't find the website ultraon you are citing. Can you please provide some background links for us to understand the concept of ultra theory? Its extremly difficult to understand your arguments and give feedback without knowing what you are referring to. An article or paper which describes the theory for beginners should be sufficient I think.
    Thank you.