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Are you happy?

Are you happy with your life? Do you think all of your hopes and dreams will come true eventually?

What are your goals in life? Do you even have goals?

Who are you, and who would you like to become?

Are you experiencing road blocks? What are they? How do you plan on overcoming them?



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    Jun 21 2013: Personally, I do better when I have a deep sense of purpose along with an ability to laugh when it all goes horribly wrong. I do good with that combination. It allows me to live fully in reality and continue to strive for improvement. Happiness always makes me think things will be going well: no one is sick, no car broken down, no messes to clean, etc. It just isn't realistic. I like when I can just let it go and fully enjoy a beautiful moment without continuing to process that dialogue that goes "I need to ... (fill in the blank)", but I don't think staying in that place is realistic. It has a time and place but I don't think it is supposed to be constant.

    You know this question reminds me of the miracle question that they talk about in counseling. You basically ask a person to daydream and tell you their heart's desires, then you ask what they need to get there.
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      Jun 21 2013: Kendall,

      Let me first say thank you for responding. I get what you are saying. Happiness can sometimes make people think about the things they don't have, or the way things would be in a perfect world, and they have a hard time accepting that it probably wont happen that way.

      I see happiness a little differently. Happiness is not what we own or how much money we make. It is something we all reach for, and for some of us it's a little harder to realize.

      The recession has done a good amount of damage. However, those of us lucky enough to be in free countries still have choices. We have a wide-open playing field of options to consider.

      Others are starving and dying every day. For them, happiness is much farther away, and it may even be impossible to reach. This may sound extreme, but is true nonetheless, you shouldn't feel unhappy unless your choices are exhausted. Until then, you should feel happy that every day you get more time to keep moving forward. Happiness is not something that only exists in fairy tales. Truly becoming happy with your life involves realizing how capable you are and taking that next step forward.

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