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Why is it that education almost everywhere is referred to as "the system"?

Why is it that education almost everywhere is referred to as "the system"? Is it not true that our children who are supposed to receive an education should be equipped with all the flexibility on how to use their brain power, and not just memorizing what's set in the curriculum? The curriculum sets the boundary, limits the development of the mind and also creativity. Yet "the system" is so strong, the teachers in it, who are now accustomed only to "the system", protect it with even stronger roots, to prevent anyone rocking the boat. The parents and society at large rely on the system and believe/live by the results it produced. Who looks out for the children's interests? No one!

At Young Entrepreneurs Development Council (YDC www.ydc.org.hk), we tried for more than 10 years, to take in every year, thousands of senior high scholars and change their mindset about learning for themselves, and the importance of learning towards grasping life, a life of fulfillment. It did wonders, especially among those not seeing light down the tunnel.

We should center around the young brains, how to activate them and allow them to develop to their fullest potential.

Sophie Leung
Hong Kong


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  • Jun 16 2013: It IS a system. And therefore new systems must supplant the one in place. Each year we get closer to the point where someone can offer something on the edges of education that radically departs and challenges the merits of education as it has existed. I know what I want to do about it, and I imagine that there are thousands of others with grand ideas. But we all know what's in the way--serendipity. Who will stumble into whom? Who will listen and risk versus judge and walk away. Creating a market is hard. It takes a lot of capital. But the numbers get better and better and the race has been on for a while. No one has delivered a radical concept that people will flock to yet. And there are reasons why certain developments in technology have made it murkier to try. One is the erosion of economy that has come with apparently "free" "aps" and software. Another is economic down-turn in general. Where does one start and with whom to create a new modernity that will be visible and attractive to others? This has been academic to me for a long time--it has only been serendipity that has dogged me. You run out of money and have to pay the bills doing "stuff" when you have just one purpoise to live for.

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