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All politics is local

George Papandreau challenged us in his talk to expand democracy to a European continental level and he implied that it should become global. That is a lofty ideal and I do not oppose it, however, I challenge the former Greek leader to work in the humbler, more modest way of someone like Jimmy Carter. Go home to Greece and pick up a hammer and trowel and help build a habitat for humanity home for the homeless. Stand in front of a shop owned by foreign immigrants that is under attack from the Neo Nazis. Go to a polling place where ethnic Macedonian Greek citizens are being denied the right to vote for their own Rainbow Party and see that local democracy in Greece is practiced without fear or punishment. Become the change you wish to see.

  • Jun 14 2013: I enjoyed the talk, but he seems to indicate that the EU has created a Frankenstein Critter that can't work. Maybe he did this accidentially, but I think it has so many pieces that don't dovetail together and there are so may ways to make things work without having expanded the EU this far.
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    Jun 13 2013: I'm thinking Greece is a paradigm of what not to do? As is Carter. I do agree it would be better for either to work with a trowel and stay out of politics, certainly at the national level.